Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunrise at the Bay

I love this one..I am into landscapes right now...working on a picture from arches national park,utah right now. This one...I got the pic from a calendar which I picked up at the dollar store...It is done on a 16" by 20" canvas. Took about six hours to finish. Yet to spray it with kamar and frame it. Hope I am on the right track....hmmm.... have a long way to

Monday, July 23, 2007

Krishna and Gopikas.

Done on 54"by 36" canvas.
This is a new painting I have just finished working on. Used Acrylics. I tried doing a madhubani painting. Though the original madhubani paintings used to be pastels mostly, I used bright colors. Took me about 6 months to finish this one. I am yet to spray it with the kamar .

Friday, July 6, 2007

flowers in oil

i think this is one of the first paintings i did after coming to houston..i love painting flowers..

sunset in the backwaters

i think this is flawed....the reflection is just not there..it is so not right..but some people like it still...i wonder why...was i just not thinking when i did it!! may be my imagination was switched off or something...

Violence and Life

variety in life and the rough part of it...i think the colors say it all....

music in the air.....

music in the air..it flows.....smooth....i think i cud have done better strokes...oil again..

abstract life...

life in a nutshell i guess...outside the window you have so much going on...just need to look out...

spiral flowers

spiral flowers...just some different strokes i did with a fan brush..oil colours...i love the green..


I think its what you want to see..its just something i did without really thinking how it would come out..

bathroom fantasia

this is how i visualised a bathroom...like the tiles for being one dimensional...looks different i think..cud have done a better work with colors i think...this one is acrylic...

Cups and Saucers

I just like the colors in this one..just the variety is so fascinating...coffee anytime of the day!


I love this one..i liked the way i used the steel plate..and gave that effect on the canvas...and the small sunflowers....hope to use the steel plate more in the future....i gifted this one to sheela akka....for her bday...